Shard of the Orient: Report 01

As told by Chozu Eisu

Well I guess this whole thing started like most other days. We were trying to get away from that stupid bird. That idiot was being really annoying and kept talking about how he wanted to cook us a homemade meal. The food they give us is normally pretty bad, but since I've never seen that idiot cook anything it probably would have been even worse. Pojo's stupid mushroom friend kept saying he wanted to eat Spaghetti-Os but since that bird didn't have any, he ran off to go buy some at the store.

While he was gone, me and Elfno decided we should come up with a plan to escape and find a way out of here. Showoff said he saw all of these delivery guys down at the dock loading up boats with bird seed or something. We were planning to sneak onto one of the boats and get as far away as possible, but that plan didn't work out very well. First those stupid orphans were running around being idiots, so we decided to leave them behind so we wouldn't get caught. That didn't really matter though since no one cares about them.

Once we got on the ship though, Pojo went and ruined everything. The first few of us snuck into the bird seed crates really easily, but when it was time for Pojo and Tuffle Boy to sneak on, those idiots started arguing about something really loudly. The guards showed up and we all had to hurry and split up so we wouldn't get caught. Me, Elfno, and Showoff ran down into the cellar to hide with all of the wine barrels. It seemed like a good idea, but then something really weird happened.

On a bunch of the barrels, I saw a shipping label that said "Property of Rosie Redknees." She's this girl that I knew a long time ago, but I hadn't even thought about her in a really long time. She lives in Compass World though so I had no idea why she would be buying wine from random birds in Tag World. I told Elfno and Showoff that if we found her, she could probably help us. So... yeah, that's what we did.